Welcome to the SSGSA STEM Sustainability Case Competition!

Exploring techniques and research with the power to sustain and benefit society

About Us

The SSGSA STEM Sustainability Case Competition is an annual abstract and poster presentation contest founded by students from the University of Guelph. While still very new to the conference scene, the SSGSA’s competition is quickly becoming one of the most diverse and prestigious research competitions, hosting students all across the University of Guelph campus. Built on the core principle of research advancement, we provide undergraduate students that have never stepped foot in a lab the opportunity to develop and present novel research proposals to industry-leading professionals.

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Our Mission

As a University of Guelph research organization, the SSGSA aims to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the STEM career path you want to follow. We provide the fundamentals for your success through our competition by giving you basic tools to help you understand how to craft a research proposal. By providing you a comprehensive case package outlining 3 lab techniques in your specialized area, offering science communication based workshops, and a graduate student mentor who can help in your abstract proposal, you will learn all the necessary skills that professors are looking for in students who want to volunteer or work in their labs.

Scientists discover the world that exists; Techologists explore this world; Engineers theorize a world that never was; Mathmeticians analyze all worlds. Alone, they are strong, but united, they will shape the future of humanity.